Potato Planter

Firma no.
Potato Planter is a automatic type potato planter for automatically planting cut or graded seed potatoes and other similar size tubers.  It is available as a two and four rows model.  Row spacings are adjustable from 70 cm to 75 cm and up according to demand. Fertilizer and Insecticide attachments are optional. 
Model  PP-2 PP-4
Rows 2 4
Distance Between Rows 700-750 mm 700-750 mm
Working Width 1400 mm 2800 mm
Weight 560 kgs  1200 kgs
Working Depth 150-200 mm 150-200 mm
Working Capacity 0,35-0,5 ha/h 0,5-1 ha/h
Powered By Wheels Wheels 
Working Type  Full Automatic Full Automatic
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