Maize Chopper

Firma no.
Machine’s  most important feature is the flexible design of chassis with tractor’s back to turn towards the back to harvest to make it possible. Road poens porable fields to middle with this feature, more few returns and diesel oil waste lowers. Cutter and nutritive classical lute cutes cornand to nutrivite unity conveys. The supporter part feeds the fan which has rending knives from reight side and provides best fragmentation. The fan on which has 12 knives that are hardened specially returns almost 1400 rpm. There are two feeder drums which provide maize to go to the rending fan one og the force drums has force string and its surface is serrated.
Model  MC-2  MC-3 
Length 2930 mm 2760mm
Width 1800 mm 2390 mm
Height 3900 mm 3900 mm
Weight 1350 kgs 1690 kgs
Tyre Sizes  165/80r13  18X8,50-8
Working Cpacity 52 tons/h 60-70 tons/h
Blade  12 Pcs 12 Pcs
Tractor Power  75-85 Hp 110-120  Hp
Flue Length 4800 mm 4800 mm
Flue System Hydraulic Hydraulic
Rotation Angle Flue 360 Degree 360 Degree
Moving From The Ground 4-6 Cm 4-6 Cm
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